Learn French in the south of France

“Learn French in the South of France”

Montbazin: perfect for immersion French

Montbazin: a small village (3500 inhabitants) with a medieval vieux village and more recent parts around it. It has a mini-mart, a baker’s shop (the indispensable boulangerie), a café which also sells newspapers, a post office, a primary school, a church, and even a medical centre. There are fairly frequent buses to Montpellier and Sète.

Montbazin is situated in the important wine-growing region of Languedoc. It nestles between two hills, La Moure on the north west and La Gardiole on the south east, a landscape of vineyards and garrigue, the rocky Mediterranean bush full of fragrant plants like thyme, sage and fennel, much used in the local cooking, and evergreen trees like the olive and the green oak.

A narrow riverbed runs through the old part of the village. La Vène, quite dry most of the year, can suddenly become a fast flowing water channel after one of the rare but heavy rainfalls of autumn and winter. At the highest point of the old village stands the chapel Saint-Pierre, a well preserved 12th century building that was part of the defensive castle of the Lords of Montbazin in medieval times. It is now a cultural centre for art exhibitions and concerts. Montbazin can boast at least one very good quality jazz band.

View of Chapelle St Pierre, Montbazin, seen from Le Jardin Méditerranéen

It is a quiet place to live, with picturesque features yet not very touristic, which is a guarantee of authenticity. No English nor German heard in the streets, not even Spanish in spite of the proximity to Spain. A peaceful place to study in a relaxed ambiance, yet within easy reach of the busy towns of Montpellier and Sète with shops, cinemas, restaurants and nightlife. And also the beach, especially for those not following the course, just enjoying a holiday atNotre Maison.