Learn French in the south of France

Guillaume Apollinaire "Reconnais‐toi", poem addressed to Louise de Coligny‐Chatillon 9th February 1915.


Catherine Follett rated the course 5 star and provided the following review
in October 2016

Anne and Peter Evans offer a wonderful French language immersion experience at their home in Montbazin, located between Sète and Montpellier in the Languedoc region in the south of France. In my opinion, the course they offer has a number of distinct advantages over other courses on offer elsewhere.

Anne is a qualified teacher and has been a College Principal in France and abroad for most of her career. She is also a published author. She specialises in one-on-one tuition for all levels of the French language, and is especially good at ironing out difficulties in pronunciation and accent, as well as extending vocabulary. Her accent is from near Paris, although she is originally from the Somme. She speaks fluent English, and as Peter is a native English speaker (he is Australian), now a practising French speaker, she is very aware of the difficulties foreign speakers encounter when learning French. We all fall into the same linguistic traps, according to Anne.

The benefit of being out of Paris for a language immersion course is considerable. In Paris, my impression is that many people are keen to practise their English, which defeats the purpose of language immersion. Because Montbazin is so small, it is easier to remain ensconced in the language. I was able to speak French the whole week, without interruption. One aspect of the course that I especially liked was that Anne had a notebook, and during each day she noted down her remarks regarding my pronunciation and any questions I had, and at the end of the day, she would revisit them to iron out pronunciation and grammar errors. This was not a rote-learning experience, this was tailored to me.


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