Learn French in the south of France

'Notre Maison': welcoming and comfortable...
...we would like it to become 'Votre Maison'

The course is held in 'Notre Maison', a mid-eighties house with blue shutters, set in a new part of the village, in a friendly neighborhood. It is only a 10 minute walk from “centre ville” a grand name for the small square with three shops, the church and the bus-stop! The café is a little further away.

The house is set back from the street, under the protection of the traditional olive tree in the front garden. In the back garden, a pergola and a terrace provide 'Notre Maison' with an all-round convivial setting for breakfast, meals or drinks outside in good weather, that is, most of the time in this Mediterranean climate.

Accommodation for the guests consists of a self contained unit on the ground floor. It has an en-suite bathroom and toilet, as well as its own separate entrance onto the back garden, very useful particularly for smokers! There is a double bed and is therefore suitable for singles and couples. A television set is also at your disposal in the bedroom, with programs exclusively in French, an excellent exercise for oral comprehension.

If a couple wants to bring a close friend or a child either as part of the French immersion, or just for a holiday, an extra room upstairs can be at your disposal, sharing the downstairs bathroom (Details can be discussed when inquiring and arrangements made when applying for registration.)

The teaching sessions will be held in the main room of the house, with a library and a piano at your disposal.